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This thread will be a mass dump of screenshots from the development of Ruinic. Check in here to look over a stream of development screenshots logging the process of the game. This will be updated in parallel to occasional milestone update threads also within this board.

For today, we have a sneak-peak of the WIP character screen:

[Image: mNtYe5n.png]
Can we get a discord bot to post everything there? lol
I've updated the graphics to something that's a bit more... dimensional. They're the TimeFantasy graphics you can find at http://timefantasy.net/ I'd like to have something custom done soon, but I quite like this style for now.
I've also completely overhauled the dungeon generation algorithm to build more vibrant, lively worlds. What you see below is an example of cave generation, but there will be many different times of dungeons to explore, ranging from caverns to castle dungeons to dense jungles.

[Image: 9K62FUP.png]
[Image: UwI2iRa.png]
Can you talk a bit more about your new dungeon generation algorithm?
Today's update is an extremely technical, albeit important, one. LUA scripting has been implemented to the Ruinic game server!

This is very big, as it will drastically accelerate development time and allow me to begin implementing some of the more interesting game functionality. What you are looking at in the image below are the LUA script definitions for an in-game NPC, the Minotaur. These script files define not only the important data of the NPC (its name, image file, level, etc.) but also the behavior of that NPC. This will allow me to do all sorts of cool things, like defining custom behavior for super tough boss NPCs, or, say, scripting a special shopkeeper NPC for one of the city hubs.

Stay tuned for more updates and information early access and testing opportunities!

[Image: W66S99X.png]

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